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 I am the girl that beat you up on the playground and stole your lunch money. I am the head cheerleader who stole your homework and laughed mercilessly as my friends gave you a swirly when you asked for it back. I am that Bitch in your office who is kind and funny with everyone in the office except you. Have you noticed a trend? Do you feel shame that you can't help but be hopelessly attracted to a Goddess that hates you? Do you think that maybe you could have a shot if only you proved worthy? If only you could do something for me, something that showed your strength and determination, something that brought me joy, then perhaps I might smile upon you for once?

You can indeed prove that you are worthy, however you will soon learn that the only time I smile is when you are weeping. The only time I feel pleasure is when you are whimpering in pain. You could be treated with kindness, if only you were willing to be put through the paces...

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"This was my first time to a professional domme. Mistress Shayla was playful and sadistic at the same time. I was pretty nervous going in but she put me at ease right away. She really enjoys CBT and nipple play. The session was wonderful. She is very beautiful and has a great body. She loves to tease."


"Dear Mistress Shayla, I truly enjoyed our session and my girlfriend will be very pleased with the patterns you left all over my body. You're a real beauty , a skilled domme and a true sadist - a rare combination with gift to make me crave for more and more. I wish we'd have spent even more time - I truly enjoyed satisfying your sadistic cravings and I'm (or perhaps we are) looking forward to seeing you next time in the city"
" Mistress Shayla, At the time it was hard to find the right words to describe the inspired session you allowed me to be a part of today. Now I see the best word to described how I feel is "enthralled". I've been searching for the last year for a Domme who I feel really gets what I seek, who commands my attention and makes me want to push farther for her. The way you looked into my eyes with the sweetest expression, while at the same time making me suffer so deeply is something I'm going to cherish forever."


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