Mistress Shayla
Sadism & Southern Charm



Booking a Session - It is best to book Me via email, or the contact form on My website. I typically require 24 hours  lead time before an appointment, though on rare occasions I will take same day appointments with established clients. REFERENCES ARE REQUIRED. When contacting me for the first time, please include the website of another professional I can contact to verify you are in good standing within our community.  

Deposits/Cancellations - New clients will be asked to leave a deposit in the form of an Amazon, Target, or Purple Passion gift card. This is required to reserve dungeon space for the two of us. Once you have booked a session with Me, I require a confirmation text 24 hours before, as well as 1 hour before. If confirmation is not met either time, I reserve the right to cancel our session altogether. I also understand that you are only human, and that emergencies come up. if you must reschedule your appointment, your deposit (if you are new) can carry over to the next time we see each other. Any appointments rescheduled less than 2 hours before we meet will incur a fee, as well as My wrath. My time is valuable. Do not waste it. 

Tributes - Tributes start at $300 per hour, please be aware that some session activities require extra preparation and/or additional equipment, which may incur additional costs. These will be discussed before booking. Gratuities are appreciated, but never mandatory. 

Location -Sessions are held in various dungeon spaces across NYC and Brooklyn, all of them equipped with every piece of equipment and furniture to create the perfect experience for both of us. After booking your session with me, you will receive detailed directions to our playspace for the day. If you have a preference for playspace/rooms, you may include that in your booking request. 

Outcalls - If you are a new client, you have the option of coming to Me, or booking a double session with Me and one or more of My friends. Please understand, for safety reasons, I will never meet you for the first time alone in a hotel room. You may come to Me, or you may book Me and one of my friends at the same time. Established clients may book outcall space, provided it is not a private residence. 

References - References are important in this business. Please include 2 references with your contact form. Bookings without references will be denied at this time. 

Can I take you on a date? Can we do a phone session?  - I love a dinner date (steak!) and I love a phone session. Tribute for dinner starts at $160/hour, phone sessions are $120. Please note that dinner dates, while they may bookend a session, will never involve playtime. We must respect others and not bring our kink into their space without their consent.