Mistress Shayla
Sadism & Southern Charm


I teach a myriad of classes in and outside of NYC. Here's the current lineup

Watersports + Hardsports - 2/19, 3/18, 4/15 - 8:30pm

                                Part Lecture, part pissbang, this class is not for the faint of heart. Learn the ups and downs of all kinds of showers, including safety concerns and how to negotiate a scene like this. I also get into the meat of how to prep for all kinds of showers, and what to do when you get a little...pee-shy. The second half of the class is a pissbang, which submissive minded folks may take part in if they desire. Hosted at The Crown in Bushwick, a Femdom collective. Tickets Here

Bondage on a Budget - 5/6 - 7:30pm

Want to get into bondage, but restrained by your pocketbook? Come learn how to set up three different bondage positions using wacky shit from the hardware and dollar stores. BYOPN (bring your own pool noodles) Hosted at TES - $10/members, $15/students, $20/nonmembers, cash only 

Classes TBA

Going Pro 

staying safe and building a client base as a sex worker

Phone Sex 101 

Want to talk dirty but all you can muster is "ooh yeah I like that?" Learn how to spice up your conversations without "phoning it in"

Bottoming from the Top - Receiving as an act of dominance. 

dynamics can be a tough thing to navigate, and when certain activities are labeled "top" or "bottom", it gets difficult to bend the rules. In this discussion based class, we'll talk about how to frame activities and actions within a scene to make them fit whatever dynamic you're into.